Machine Troubleshooting

-Machine is not turning on. Power lights on the machine are off after pressing the switch on buttons.

Ensure the machine is connected to the power source and switched on.

-Coffee is not being produced or extracted very slowly.

Check water level, top up with fresh water and ensure the tank is inserted correctly.

-I have emptied the capsule draw of capsules but the warning light is still flashing.

Clear all contents in the draw, such as coffee waste and water.

-Capsule does not fit into the capsule holder or capsule jams in the housing area.

Open and close the opening lever, to clear. If a capsule is stuck on spike plates, gently push the capsule to release. Do not place foreign items into the machine.

-Experiencing water leaks at the front and rear sides of the machine.

Tank may not be inserted correctly or may be damaged. Check capsule draw is emptied and inserted correctly.

-For appliances overheating or electrical circuit failures.

Try to power the machine off by disconnecting the power plug for at least 10 seconds then re-connect it. Power the machine on and check.

If you continue to face an issue with your machine. Please report on our Technical Support page.